Blockchain Advisors First Successful Middleware Intergration

Learn About Our First Successful Middleware Intergration.


An Emerging DeFi Platform

As an emerging DeFi platform, ElrondSwap makes it easier to swap tokens across the Elrond network. It is a simple yet elegant solution that facilitates swapping between different tokens. Users simply connect their Elrond wallet, select the token and the desired amount, and hit SWAP.

For DeFi platforms seeking to swap tokens, the potential usability of the ElrondSwap smart contract is enormous. While developing a coin swap app is complex – and so is its integration into other platforms - the ElrondSwap team turned to Blockchain Advisors Ltd to develop the app and ensure that other platforms can make use of it – such as Eldar.Finance, which currently runs their LKMEX-EGLD swaps through it.

Designed for Interaction

The a cuts through complexity by allowing clear and effortless steps for the users to swap between various tokens. The app also features critical details addressing the interests and concerns of users such as slippage, exchange rate, pool size, and more. The app’s design is premium on interaction and ensures users can start swapping tokens as quickly as possible.

In addition, our team developed a powerful smart contract that is easily integrable into other platforms (e.g. Eldar.Finance and more to come).

The Results

The app was launched on Friday the 8th of July 2022, with multi-lingual versions to be added soon. With over 1250 automated token conversions/transactions worth over $250k executed since the launch, we are diligently working with the client - ElrondSwap - on adding new features to make the experience even more seamless.

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