Blockchain As A Service

What is BaaS?

Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) is a service that allows businesses to utilise the capabilities of a blockchain platform without having to build and maintain their own infrastructure. BaaS providers offer many different services including the creation and deployment of blockchain applications, managing network infrastructure and providing access to pre-build smart contracts.

Often BaaS is provided on a subscription basis with features such as scalability, security and compliance built in. This provides businesses with the ability to focus on building and deploying their own blockchain-based applications and services without worrying so much about the underlying infrastructure.

Businesses may use BaaS for many different reasons in order to support or make advancements in their business. To learn more about how Blockchain as a Service can upgrade your business, contact Blockchain Advisors today.

The Benefits of Blockchain as a Service

Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) is a popular model for businesses seeking to capitalise on the benefits of blockchain technology without having to invest and maintain the infrastructure and resources needed to do so. BaaS offers a range of benefits to businesses including reducing costs, scalability, security, speed and flexibility. Using this, businesses can quickly launch and test blockchain applications, without having to build and maintain the complex infrastructure themselves.

There are several advantages to using Blockchain as a Service:

  1. Reduced costs

    Blockchain as a Service can help reduce the costs associated with setting up and maintaining a blockchain network. This is because the infrastructure and maintenance are provided by the BaaS provider.

  2. Scalability

    Blockchain as a Service providers can help businesses scale their blockchain networks more easily, as the infrastructure is already in place and can be easily expanded or reduced depending on the needs of the business.

  3. Security

    Blockchain as a Service providers often have advanced security measures in place to protect their networks, which can provide an added layer of security for businesses using the service.

  4. Speed

    With blockchain as a Service, businesses can quickly and easily deploy and test blockchain applications, without having to build and maintain the infrastructure.

  5. Flexibility

    Blockchain as a Service providers generally offer a range of different solutions and services, which can be customised to meet the specific needs of different businesses.

  6. Access to expertise

    Using blockchain as a Service means that businesses have access to the expertise and resources of the service provider, which can be valuable in terms of developing and implementing blockchain solutions. As Blockchain Advisors, this is what we do best!

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Blockchain Industry Applications

Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) is being adopted across a wide range of industries because of the many benefits it can provide. Some of the key reasons why BaaS is becoming popular across various industries is due to the security and transparency it offers to customers through tamper-proof record keeping. Blockchain as a Service provides decentralisation meaning data is not controlled by one single entity. This can help reduce the risk of data breaches, censorship, and other issues. A blockchain-based systems can often be faster, more efficient, and less costly than traditional systems, making it a cost-effective solution for various industries.

Overall, Blockchain as a Service can be a powerful solution for various industries looking for a secure, transparent, efficient, and tamper-proof way to manage and track data, which makes it an industry-wide solution.

Take a look at some of the industries Blockchain as a Service can be used in:

  • Finance and banking - secure and transparent tracking of transitions.
  • Supple chain management - traceability and provenance of goods.
  • Healthcare - secure and private sharing of medical records.
  • Real estate - secure and transparent property ownership records.
  • Government and public services - secure and transparent voting systems.
  • Gaming- in-game assets and digital collectables.
  • Retail and e-commerce - secure and transparent tracking of inventory and supply chain management.
  • Energy and utilities - for tracking and managing energy usage and generation.
  • Logistics - Aids in tracking and managing shipping and transportation.

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